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My Pets by sapphiredragon49 My Pets by sapphiredragon49
thought I draw all of my pets to show what kind I have. I haven't drawn rex (the demon dog on the left with the dark blue collar) and cinder (the demon dog on the right with the red collar and a butterfly on her nose. which I gotta say, it's pretty cute. XD ) for a while. mainly because I wanna get better at drawing dogs and trying to get used to drawing their patterns on them. I added my rl pets simba (the orange cat on the left) and nova (the rat terrier mix on the right wagging her tail like a good girl. :3 ) cause there my actual pets. so I thought it'd be fun. XD

I added Lily in this cause I think she's more of a pet really. and yes, she likes apples. -w-

Sapphire is obviously my pet dragon. XD

and that little shadow there being a little timid? that's a shadow heartless (if you haven't played kingdom hearts, I highly recommend it. it's a great game! :3 ) her name is serena. this is not the first time I drew her in a pic. this is the second time I added her in a pic. the first time was when I made a kingdom hearts outfit along with a keyblade (I gotta find that, and color it on the computer. it's in my human form though so..... expect something a little crappy cause I suck at drawing people..... ^^; )

hope you guys like it! ^^

programs used: paint,

shadow heartless (c): kingdom hearts, Square Enix

Tess Tsukuyomi, Sapphire the dragon, Cinder the demon dog, Rex the Demon dog, Lily the Alien, Serena the heartless (c): :iconsapphiredragon49: (me)

Simba and Nova are my rl pets.

pic made by: :iconsapphiredragon49: (me)
bubblesishot46853 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
Dawww...may I hug the female ones?
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August 13, 2016
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